Custom Employee Recognition Lapel Pins

Lasting Impressions has been helping corporate companies and organizations for over 20 years provide recognition lapel pins to their employees.  Custom recognition lapel pins are an extremely effective way to recognize an employee’s contributions, achievements and/or years of service.  It is a wonderful way to boost employee morale and do so in a cost effective manner.  Lasting Impressions can also help create a card or certificate that the lapel pin will be presented with.

There are many benefits to providing your employees with recognition lapel pins.  Here are just 3 reasons of many as to why your company should be rewarding employees with a custom lapel pin.

1)      Provides motivation.  Being rewarded for hard work and a job well done will help employees remain motivated to continue to work hard for you.  Showing them that you appreciate their hard work and that it has not gone unnoticed is invaluable.

2)      Help encourage employees to reach certain benchmarks that are important to your organization.  Many employees have the options to go above and beyond and get certified, take and extra class, or learn new skills.  By providing employees with a recognition lapel pin for accomplishments it encourages them to continue to strive farther and creates healthy competition between employees

3)      Recognize years of service.  Employees who have been loyal and worked hard and stayed with your organization are a wonderful asset to your company.  It is important that employees feel appreciated for their continue commitment and by giving an employee a high quality lapel pin this is a small memento that they will keep for years to come.

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